LBR designs is for people, start ups, small businesses and students in need of design work such as print design, logo/corporate design or a thesis book cover. And for a reasonable price (20 euro an hour).

I have lots of experience in corporate identity work & commercial product designs. I can do a wide range of designing tasks, from logo designing to every print design possible. Made both work in private & client settings.


  • Graduated in the summer of 2020 at Technova college in Ede as Allround DTP'er & Graphic designer, where I learned the adobe programs you see on the right.
  • I can do illustrated work also in the form of digital portraits, illustrations and even NFT's.

The design process goes as follows:

You have got in contact with me through the website or otherwise and have suggested what you want to have designed.

At that moment I will begin estimating how long the design process will take and at what given time it will be worked on, all that will be given to you after in the form of an quotation. If you agree to the given terms & timeframes.

After the design process you will be given the product in multiple file formats, usually in PDF, PNG & JPG, EPS and SVG with the invoice including transaction info attached.